Buy Mud-Skipper 5hp to 7hp Long Tail Kit Mud Motor - Fits to your own engine at ... Harbor Freight 6.5hp - 212cc PredatorHonda 5.5hp & 6.5hp - GX160 ...
Longtail Mud. Longtail Mud Motor Kits Layout Boat Duck Boats Canoes Fishing Boat Up To 7 Hp. Longtail Mud.
2 Pc Mud-skipper Longtail Mud Motor Kit Up To 7hp Predator 212cc. To Predator Mud 2 Kit Longtail Mud-skipper Pc 212cc Motor 7hp Up Predator Motor Kit 212cc To Up Mud 7hp Mud-skipper 2 Longtail Pc
DELUXE MUD-SKIPPER Longtail Mud Motor KIT up to 7hp Predator 212cc. C $537.87 + C $40.85 shipping . MUD-SKIPPER Longtail Mud Motor KIT With Mud-Skipper 7HP Engine. C $706.72 + C $68.09 shipping . The All new Mud-Skipper 5-7hp Long Tail Motor Drive System With 7HP Engine. C $945.02